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3 Reasons why your business should go Carbon Neutral

It seems like every day that we hear of a well known brand or organisation announcing that they have gone "Carbon Neutral". With this increasing media attention and resulting consumer awareness, many business owners are considering following suit. But what does this mean for your business? Should your business go Carbon Neutral? Below we look at three key reasons why it should:

1. Save Money

Simply put, carbon emissions mostly derive from the consumption of energy, and energy is a large component of most businesses' recurring costs. Taking measures to reduce your energy consumption from fossil fuel sources can have a huge impact on your carbon footprint as well as your balance sheet. This can range from simply implementing energy efficiency measures all the way to covering your premises with Solar PV panels and producing your own clean energy! Energy also means transport: can you create synergies to decarbonise your supply and distribution chains? How do your employees commute? Is business travel for meetings essential or can they be carried out over Zoom? The power to lower the emissions of your organisation lies in the decisions it makes. Start making better choices today to lower your emissions and increase your bottom line!

2. Future-proof your business

As the World finally wakes up to Climate Change, there is a realisation that a massive decrease in global emissions is required in order to avoid environmental disaster. To achieve this, while preserving our quality of life, we need to de-couple emissions from economic growth. As a result, many businesses are facing uncertain futures, caught between increasingly stringent environmental regulation on one side and demanding, environmentally conscious consumers on the other. Going carbon neutral now will get ahead of the curve and de-risk your business. Your customers, and investors, will thank you!

3. Stand out from the crowd

As mentioned above, in recent years there has been a marked increase in the environmental consciousness of consumers. Before this, carbon neutrality was only for multinationals with clear evidence of environmental degradation on their hands, think deforestation for palm sugar plantations. For them, going carbon neutral was a means to make up for these transgressions in the eyes of their customers. Today, however, the savvy customer knows it is not solely the headline grabbing atrocities that contribute to climate change, but rather every small action we take, every item we order online, every meal we eat has an impact. Thus, this audience does not merely boycott the "big offender" but rather makes discerning choices among the manifold of brands and organisations they encounter in their daily life. Make carbon neutrality your USP and leave your competitors playing catch up!

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