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Take control of your carbon footprint

Carbon Footprinting

We are moving towards a world in which carbon emissions disclosure and carbon pricing are becoming essential factors in the decision-making process of companies and soon they will be the norm across all sectors of the economy.

Understanding this need, we at Ecompensate help companies calculate their full GHG inventory across all emissions sources so they can understand where their impact lies. We then enable them to report it accordingly, set ambitious Carbon Neutrality targets and develop strategies to achieve them. Working in line with the most widely accepted carbon reporting standards ensures that our clients are provided with a fair and accurate carbon inventory.


Adopting Carbon Footprinting and Net Zero strategies unveils a wide range of opportunities

Staying ahead of the competition by showing climate action leadership among your peers

Understanding your emissions sources across your organisation’s entire operations and supply chain

Anticipating risks associated with GHG constraints and prepare for future climate policies

Identifying the most carbon intensive activities so you can set your carbon reduction strategies accordingly

Planning your carbon neutrality journey following science-based targets and leading offset standards

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What are the main sources of emissions? 

The GHG Protocol breaks down emissions sources into three main scopes to help organisations efficiently report and manage their carbon inventories. After all, you cannot manage what you cannot measure.

Scope 1

All direct emissions under an organisation's control such as facilities and fleet vehicles

Scope 2

Indirect emissions occurring from purchased electricity, steam, heat or cooling

Scope 3

All other indirect emissions (both upstream and downstream) occurring in an organisation's value chain such as business travel, procurement, product life cycle, waste and water

Contact us and take control of your footprint

Getting a better understanding of your organisation’s emissions by compiling a GHG inventory makes good business sense. Learn more on how to understand and take control of your emissions by contacting our team of experts today.

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