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Climate Positive solutions for all

We provide a range of carbon neutrality services tailored to suit your needs. From Carbon Footprinting to Energy Attribute Certificates and Carbon Offsetting solutions, we are here to help your organisation achieve its sustainability targets and become climate positive.


Build a fair and accurate GHG inventory to take control of your emissions

Energy Attribute Certificates

Reduce emissions and meet your renewable targets by greening your electricity supply 


Explore our bespoke portfolio of projects to achieve your carbon neutrality targets

CORSIA Aviation Consulting

Get onboard with CORSIA and start your carbon offsetting journey with confidence


What is your impact?

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Take control of your personal footprint, reduce it and compensate for your residual emissions. With our easy to use calculator you can find out your impact in less than 2 minutes. This will be your first step towards meaningful climate action.



according to the strictest and most robust carbon standards such as the GS, VCS and CCB


delivering emission reductions that would not have otherwise taken place


empowering local communities and ecosystems in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Ecompensate was founded with a mission to raise awareness, inspire and enable engagement towards the fight against climate change.

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